October 30, 2023 - BY Admin

Electrically heated glass recently used for Zoo Artis and Apenheul.

ARTIS-ZooPark in Amsterdam recently opened a new lion enclosure, which was created thanks to the massive support that ARTIS has received during the corona period.
The new residence was designed by landscape architect Thijs de Zeeuw and architect Alexander Lefebvre. It is ten times larger in area than the old enclosure, but even more important is the design that meets their natural behavior.
 It is a hilly landscape, inspired by the African savannah in different seasons, with a dry and vegetated area. In addition, the vertical glass wall of the accommodation has been fitted with heated and anti-reflective glass, TG HeatVision from Thomsa Glass.
This heated glass is condensation-free so that an optimal view is guaranteed and visitors can enjoy the lions to the fullest from a minimum distance. The glass package consists of 30mm thick anti-reflective, low-iron, laminated safety glass. Combining various functions, such as anti-condensation, anti-reflective and 'lion-proof' safety glass, is the specialty of Thomsa Glass. Earlier this year, electrically heated glass was delivered for the new enclosures of the Talapoins monkeys in the Apenheul in Apeldoorn.
Thomsa Glass, the specialist in glass specials, has two types of electrically heated glass in its range. 

TG HeatVision electrically heated glass is a special type of glass with a transparent electrically conductive coating that radiates heat or with wires. The glass can be combined with various other requested functions, but also as triple glazing.