December 28, 2020 - BY Admin

Vacuum glass the perfect thermal solution for the future

Why Thomsa Glass vacuum insulating glass?

Our vacuum insulating glass has the best insulation value (U value = 0.45 W / m²K) in the world.  As comparison, the U value of traditional double glazing is only 1.2.  Naturally, this low U-value contributes to making your home more sustainable. Another advantage of vacuum insulating glass is that this glass is always  toughened. Tempered glass does not break quickly (5x stronger) and when it breaks, it falls into small, blurry chunks. Vacuum insulating glass is also recyclable and has a low Co2 footprint.

In addition to the advantages of comfort and safety, the glass is extremely suitable for renovation or monuments. The glass is ultra thin so that it fits in every frame. This is a very good solution, especially for monumental buildings, which often have single glazing.

Thomsa glass advises on the best solution for new construction or renovation and can substantiate this with calculations

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