G-Smatt transparent LED media glass.  

Is a product that converges LEDs and glasses, and possesses the characteristics of both electronic and typical glass products. This innovative material was developed through the application of complex subsidiary materials using specially formulated factory equipment with exclusive production know-how.

Unlike previous generation media façade systems, G-SMATT Digital Media Glass provides totally transparent glass that allows natural daylight to pour in, complementing the beauty of the architectural design. The LEDs are integrated within the glass laminate, resulting in an intelligent, weatherproof solution, with all electronics protected from the elements. This means G-SMATT Digital Media Glass is the primary facade material providing the weatherproof envelope of the building in one neat solution. Our system can be designed in conjunction with all market leading curtainwall systems or retrofitted to the internal or external surfaces of an existing façade.

Discover the world of LED Glass:

Fully interactive. 

G-SMATT media glass comes with a library of pre-developed apps allowing people to interact with your facade increasing awareness, footfall and engaging those around you.

- Art installations
- Interactive displays
- Eye catching public information
- A space for advertising or community engagement

- Stadiums
- Shopping Centres
- Landmarks

Transformate your building into an eyecatcher and require more information in the possibilities or do a price inquiry: [email protected]