Electrically heated glass

Electrically heated glass HeatVision® is a special type of treated glass on which a transparent electrically conductive coating has been applied. The electric current passes through cables on this coating, generating heat and causing the glass to radiate heat. The power can vary from 150W - 600 W/m2.

The intensity of the heat can vary: it depends on the final application. The glass can be single laminated glass or integrated in a double or triple insulating glass.
Max. size 3.210 x 7.000mm.

Electrically heated glass as:

Anti-fog glass

HeatVision® glass raises the temperature beyond the dew point to prevent condensation.
The temperature of the glass is regulated with a simple thermostat up to the home automation system

Primary heating source in buildings

The electrically heated glass with a surface temperature of 26–28 ° C ensures transmission by radiation, bringing the entire room to a temperature of  20–22 ° C.  The heat is evenly distributed throughout the room, which ensures high comfort.

Glazing (roof) that defrosts the snow 

When the snow sensor detects snowflakes, the glass automatically starts heating, melting the snow. The surface stays clean all the time because the heated glass turns the snow into water.