What is dynamic glass?

Dynamic glass can have both switchable and dynamic sun control that changes the SF and
solar thermal properties by applying voltage, light or heat. 

Because the heat and direct sunlight are blocked, without external sun protection, both visual and
thermal comfort is immediately created.

Unique performance and design freedom

• Glass laminate or insulating glass (2-4 glass)
• Up to 67% light transmittance (LT)
• Block over 90% of the solar energy (G 0.1)
• Insulate down to Ug = 0.3 W/m2K
• Natural daylight (Ra 94-90)
• Freedom of design:
    - Dimensions: maximum 1550 x 4400mm
    - Free Form: Triangular, round, curved
    - Functions: Anti-condensation, sound, protection, security
• Automatically controlled via control system, BMS, solar- & temperature sensor
• or fully autonomous via solar cells

Benefits of dynamic glass


• Maximizing daylight
• Natural daylighting
• Prevents glare and internal reflection
• Maintain transparent view

Sun control and thermal comfort 

• Dynamic ZTA (Sun Accession)
• Thermal comfort
• Enhanced UV protection

Energy saving

• Reduces the need for airconditioning and lighting
• Reduction of fossil fuels
• Meets sustainability requirements LEED/BREEAM

Added value

• Higher productivity
• Contribution to well-being
• Safety glass / protection
• Improved acoustic properties

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