Perfection and quality.

Hyline is a moldable product to the various needs of everyday life, architecture and building materials or systems, developing sliding, pivoting and guillotine systems.

Nowadays, the accquired knowledge of aluminium window framing systems allows Hyline to raise their imagination and confidence to truly high levels. The integrated floor system (possibility of connecting the interior an exterior floor without rebounds), the integrated and/or hidden security systems, motorization, hidden side profiles an central uprights with only 18mm of view are key factors for the succes ofthe Hyline product.

Innovation & Craftsmanship

Innovation at Hyline takes place on two levels that reinforce each other. For example, there is the Research & Development department, which focuses on design, home automation and sustainability. Moreover, the craftsmen in the workshop perfect the production and finishing of the products, and in turn suggest improvements to the R&D team based on their experiences. This interaction is unique and leads to state-of-the-art solutions for your home.

What makes the Hyline systems unique?

Hyline continuously invests in research & development, so that comfort and aesthetics go hand in hand with sustainability and efficiency.

- Maximum capacity of 6 meters, out of a total of 18m². It is possible to move 1000 kg of weight with a single touch.

- Double glazing, triple glazing or bulletproof glass.

- Unlimited number of rails, central opening, corner opening (even angles that are not 90 degrees).

- Seamless integration into the floor

- Extensive range of security systems (multi-lock system, home automation, smartphone, ...).

- Blinds, roller shutters and fly screens integrated invisibly.