What is Suntuitive Dynamic Glass? 

Suntuitive Dynamic self-tinting windows gradually darken in response to rising temperatures caused by direct sunlight on the window. As the sun moves across the sky,  Suntuitive glass will cool and return to its clear state. At night or in cloudy conditions, when direct sun is not present,  Suntuitive glass remains clear and allows the most natural daylight possible.  Suntuitive  glass naturally and passively adapts throughout the day, every day of the year, constantly balancing the heat and glare coming into your building. 

Suntuitive glass is produced  in a unique  process at optimal conditions only under license of Pleotint the producer of this Thermochromic foil.  State of the art technology assures at least 20 years longevity and stable performance of the  Self-Tinting process. 

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass Features. 

- Safety glass status, thickness of the glass, no limitation
- Double and  Triple glazing, same as conventional IGU options
- Maximum Visible Light Transmittance
- Fully Passive, no external controls or Power drives
- 100% protected from humidity negative influence by thermo sealing application
- Max dimensions: 1650 x  4200 mm

You want to block the heath coming into your building? 
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