AH Hulst where Solar PV panels are coated for a higher yield appr. 6%


Glass protection coatings  



hydrophobic neutral protection coating.  

Application: Facades, showers


 hydrophilic 2k sol-gel coating. 

Application:  Skylights, PV Glass

-TESTUDO PV-protect 

(patent) low-soiling and anti-reflection coating . Industrial double  coating for PV-panels and display glass

Now also with a modified version HP1 for PV installations at sea.

- TESTUDO Horti foam 

special cleaner developped Greenhouses and environmental friendly.

  -TESTUDO Glass cleaners: Ultimo, Vitraclean,  all purpose glass cleaner

Benefits of Testudoproducts and coatings:

- protecting of the glass surface against corrosion

- easy maintenance properties

- anti-reflective properties (higher light transmission)

- higher Yield for Solar panels

- all Testudo products are available in retail kits for showers, cars, and maintenance Solar Panels for the consumer market . The retail kits can be personalised by Private labeling


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