Why Thomsa Glass vacuum insulating glass?

Our vacuum insulating glass has the best insulation value (U value = 0,40 W / m²K) in the world.  In comparison, the U value of traditional double glazing is only 2.8. Naturally, this low U-value contributes to making your home more sustainable. 
Another advantage of vacuum insulating glass is that this glass is always toughened. Tempered glass does not break quickly (5x stronger) and when it breaks, it falls into small, blurry chunks. The risk of injury is therefore much smaller than with annealed glass. Vacuum insulating glass is also recyclable and has a low CO2 footprint.

In addition to the advantages of comfort and safety, the glass is extremely suitable for renovation. The glass is ultra thin so that it fits in every frame. This is a very good solution, especially for monumental buildings, which often have single glazing.

The 12 advantages of vacuum insulating glass

- Thermal insulation

- Noise reduction

- Free from condensation

- Long lifespan

- Ideal for renovation: thin and lightweight

- Environmentally friendly

- U value = 0.40 W / m²K: the best insulation value in the world

- Higher LTA, light transmission

- Fully Tempered 5x stronger; injury safe

- 10 year product warranty, 25 year minimum lifespan

- Many applications: special shapes, laminated, heat soak test

- 6x less and smaller spacers

-  Price

Super long enjoyment and guarantee

Vacuum insulating glass has a super long life. The user has enjoyed it for more than 25 years.

Vacuum insulating glass guarantees the seal between the inner and outer glass surfaces. Even with large temperature differences. Patented sealing materials guarantee the seal.